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Moroccan vintage berber rug from Beni Ourain sold by Eco from the past - Yin & Yang
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Yin & Yang - SOLD!

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Handmade vintage Moroccan berber rug from the Beni Ourain region in the Atlas mountains. These wool rugs are hugely popular and widely copied for a good reason. The original pieces, like this exceptional example, will make a statement in any home and works with just about any home decoration style.

This berber rug has the traditional graphic tribal diamond pattern in exclusive double rows and the undyed natural wool has a warm shade of creamy ivory, harmonizing perfectly with the black pattern.

All our rugs are completely unique and you will not find another one just like this in the world. The pattern express personal life events of the woman who made the rug. 

Size: 345 x 190 cm

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